No More Wallets


Inspired by this great Fortune Magazine cover story by Miguel Helft on the death of cash, and some recurring questions we get from our awesome rider community, we wanted to give a little overview on Sedan Magic mobile payment.


Our Motto: “Long Live Mobile Payments!”

When you book a ride with Sedan Magic, your payment is taken care of through the app. We designed the experience to be as seamless and easy as possible so that you can arrive at your location and exit the vehicle immediately. That’s why you need to input a credit card in our secure environment before you can take a ride. For you, that means no swipes, no signatures and no hassle at your ride’s end – just roll up and roll out. Enough to leave you saying ‘It’s Magic!’.


Every time you schedule a ride with Sedan Magic you’ll get a price quote before you book, a Sedan Magic exclusive. Whether it’s a luxury or standard ride, what you see is what you pay. Of course, if you go through tolls, make extra stops or make your driver wait a prolonged amount of time, additional charges will be added after the ride.



What about tip? We get this question a lot. Our price quotes include fare and a preset gratuity based on selected fleet, service level and historical driver performance. And while that’s all well and good for our blog, we know it’s a different story when you’re about to take your Sedan Magic ride. As a reminder, we send you an update text when your Sedan Magic is on its way.



If you have any questions, check out our Support page or email us at


See you on your next Sedan Magic ride.



DC Tech Meetup: Win Free Sedan Magic!

Can you keep a secret? Sedan Magic is launching soon in Washington DC. Not only is Washington DC our nation’s capitol and a stalwart of car service culture, it’s also Sedan Magic’s home turf (we’re headquartered down I-395 in Alexandria, Virginia).


#DCTech knows how to roll en masse

Our Washington DC launch is scheduled for later this summer, but we’re planting our flag tonight at the DC Tech Meetup, the largest, most hardcore technology Meetup in the country. Don’t believe us? Check their website – there are 1200 attendees scheduled for tonight’s event. Gary Mendel, Senior Director of Sedan Magic, will demo the product for tonight’s audience.

Say Hi to Gary at tonight's #DCTech

The demo will be cool and all, but here at Sedan Magic we always strive to go the extra mile. So for any DC-based smartphone user who creates a Sedan Magic account prior to noon tomorrow (Thursday, July 12th), you’ll be entered into two drawings:

  • Be a Test Rider. We’ll need to test our system in Washington DC prior to public launch. So we’re looking for ~50 willing riders to take multiple subsidized (and even free!) Sedan Magic rides throughout July. One lucky winner will be selected to take the very first DC Sedan Magic ride.
  • Win a Private Luxury Chauffeur for a Night. We’ll award one lucky winner the grand Sedan Magic prize – a private chauffeur for an evening in DC for up to 4 riders. This prize is great for a big night on the town with friends or bouncing around at holiday parties in December. (Note: prize must be used by December 30th, 2012).

Our NYC Magic winners enjoy a day at the beach

So if you’re in the Washington DC area, download Sedan Magic and create an account (by entering your contact and credit card information) and you’ll be automatically entered into these contests. If you’re already a Taxi Magic user, just sign into Sedan Magic and play around. We’ll track your activity and contact you via your account email if you’re selected as a Test Rider or drawing winner.


And if you’re at the DC Tech Meetup tonight and have questions about Sedan Magic, tweet us @sedanmagic and include the hashtag #DCTech. We’ll be commenting and answering questions throughout the entire event.


Ride on, DC.


Service Level – The Ride You Want

You asked and today we delivered some new Magic Tricks. With hundreds of rides on the books since our launch last month, we’ve listened to the feedback from our pioneering users and catered Sedan Magic to meet your needs. What was your main concern? Pricing on our executive sedan runs. Life is full of choices, and Sedan Magic should be no different. With today’s iPhone update, we’re now offering our customers the choice between booking a Luxury or Standard ride at respective price points, a feature we call ‘Service Level.’


Rates represent a Midtown NYC-LGA Airport Trip

With Service Level, you can now choose from two different sedan options before booking your ride, a Sedan Magic exclusive. What’s the difference between Luxury and Standard? Here’s a quick primer:


NYC Luxury Sedan (featuring actual users!)


Sometimes you just need to up your game, whether it’s meeting a client, or a blissful ride to the airport. Select the NYC Luxury Car for elevated travel, and enjoy a cruise to your destination accompanied by some refreshing Sedan Magic-branded water and the best-rated drivers in the business. All cars are late model executive sedans, including some very high-end luxury vehicles.


NYC Standard Sedan (featuring actual users!)

For those everyday trips, the NYC Standard Car option is perfect for a late night ride back to Brooklyn, a no hassle trip to dinner, or booking a quick ride home from JFK after a blowout vacation. Standard cars include Lincoln Town Cars, Acuras and other late-model sedans, all recently inspected with fully-licensed drivers.


Book now or schedule for later, choose between luxury or standard – we’re all about catering to your needs. And one more thing: with today’s news, our Sedan Magic roster in New York City is now over 1000 cars deep. That makes us the biggest mobile provider in the Big Apple. Getting a comfortable, high-quality sedan ride is easier than ever.


We hope you’re feeling the Magic, because it was inspired by you! As always, keep the feedback coming to and we’ll keep delivering a better experience. Hope to drive you soon!


#FleetMagic: Supporting Fleet Week NYC

Help us get these sailors a great ride! #FleetMagic

Sedan Magic prides itself on working with New York City’s best sedan fleets, but this week we’re excited to work with the most important fleet of all: the United States Navy. And the Marines, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard, too.


That’s because the upcoming week is Fleet Week in New York City and we want to honor those who serve. We’re rolling out #FleetMagic, a two-tiered promotion to help active and retired military get around Manhattan for Fleet Week festivities, while also assisting the armed services at large.


Here is how you can take part in #FleetMagic between today, May 23rd and May 30th (including Memorial Day):


  1. For Military Riders, Sedan Magic rides entirely within Manhattan will be offered at a $15 flat rate. We’ll verify users that register an account using a .mil email address. Or email a photo of your military ID to and we’ll make sure the info matches with your account. Please note, our support team will work to verify all military riders and ensure the final transaction is $15. If you get charged for the full fare, please be sure to follow up with us and we will straighten it out.


  1. For Civilian Riders, we’ll donate $10 for each Sedan Magic ride taken to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), a nonprofit that assists returning veterans and champions their causes.


We'll donate $10 for each civilian ride

We’re excited to allow visiting servicemen and women to travel around New York in style and comfort at an affordable price. Whether visiting the Freedom Tower or the Navy ships at Pier 92, Sedan Magic will be driving a lot of #FleetMagic VIPs. And we’re proud to work with our growing Sedan Magic user base to help support our nation’s veterans.


Please help spread the word about #FleetMagic with any military members you know. We’ll provide updates on our Twitter page throughout the week and will summarize our efforts here next week. And be sure to head out to local Fleet Week events to show your support for the United States Armed Forces.

Rolling into TechCrunch Disrupt!

This week Sedan Magic is getting cozy with the New York City startup scene at TechCrunch Disrupt. We’re psyched to be an exhibitor and meet with a bunch of energetic, passionate entrepreneurs and technologists.


Driving buzz at #TCDisrupt

We want to tell our fellow conference attendees about the most convenient and stylish way to ride around New York City. Startup types do a lot of hustling and Sedan Magic can provide the wheels to help them hustle around town.


Stop by our booth in Aisle A to meet our team and hear about Sedan Magic. We’re running a fun raffle at the event where one lucky winner will receive:


A Chauffeured Luxury Sedan for 4 for 1 Night in New York City

($1,000 value)


How to enter? It’s a simple 2 steps


  1. Download Sedan Magic for free on the App Store and Google Play
  2. Create a Magic Account*


*If you already have a Magic Account from Taxi Magic, you can download and sign in using your existing credentials.


Feed your sweet tooth at our booth!

We’re also giving away some fun gear, including limited edition North Face Sedan Magic jackets to a few lucky guests.


Drop us a line @sedanmagic on Twitter if you have any questions or want to meet up at #TCDisrupt.

Where the Magic Happens: A Look Inside

Sedan Magic was designed for the sophisticated traveler. The mobile app offers a convenient, reliable transportation solution throughout the New York metropolitan area, including all regional airports, northern New Jersey and southwestern Connecticut.



Know your price before you book.

Booking rides through the app is as easy as 1-2-3. First, let the app know when you want to ride (right now or at some point over the next 24 hours). Second, input your pickup and drop-off locations. Third, review your trip details and the quoted price; tap “Order my ride” and you are on your way.


Today we feature over 400 beautiful, sedans & luxury vehicles on our network. With such a large supply, we aim to service the majority of immediate demand within twenty minutes and service all future booking requests. And most importantly, riders will know their price before they ride (this is why you enter a drop-off address). With our current pricing, riders can expect to get to their destination for roughly twice the cost of a taxi, while riding in style and comfort. Our team works very closely with our fleet partners to provide end-to-end support through the entire ride process, assisting customers both online and offline. This complete integration with fleet dispatch system makes scheduling a sedan both efficient and reliable.


Created with rigorous user testing and tons of feedback from some of the smartest travelers in the city, here are the features our earliest users love:


  • Simple Registration – Registration is always a pain, but we found most users would rather get it out of the way when they download the app rather than entering in a credit card number on the street corner at first booking. We need basic name, phone number and credit card info to get you started.
  • Cashless Payment – We’re all about keeping the wallet in your pocket. By registering your account with a credit card, you can pull up to your destination and roll. The quoted price covers the ride, the driver’s tip and various NYC fees. Feel free to ask your driver for a paper receipt if you want the breakdown. You’ll also receive an email receipt within 24 hours.
  • Credit Card Management – Sedan Magic can maintain multiple credit cards on file. We want to support the work hard, play hard user. Using technology, users have the option to scan their credit cards info into their account instead of manual typing.
  • Clear Pricing – As we stated above, you’ll know your price before you go. Our price does not include tolls and extra surcharges incurred.
  • Suggested Locations – From our Taxi Magic technology, we know that 75% of our user’s rides originate from three locations. Think about it: home, office, maybe the airport or a favorite restaurant. So we’ve optimized Sedan Magic for easy location input with frequently used addresses presented prominently. The more you book, the easier it becomes.
  • Ride Tracking – Through text alerts, push notifications and map tracking within the app, Sedan Magic riders are in control of their ride. You’ll know when your ride is dispatched and the location of your driver. Use that extra time to have another drink or change your outfit.
  • A Comfortable Ride – We work with our partner fleets to ensure all riders receive a luxurious, comfortable ride. Users get picked up in a clean, late model vehicle, serviced by a fully-licensed driver who’s been trained to handle Sedan Magic rides.


Early Sedan Magic Ride

Here's the view from an early Magic rider.

We’re always listening to user feedback and continuing to improve our system. Let us know about your ride experience and what features you want to see in the comment section, at our Twitter page or our Facebook page.


Introducing Sedan Magic: Your Ride Awaits

Sedan Magic Launch

Download Sedan Magic today!

Whether you’re an astute traveler catching a flight, a late-night reveler heading downtown or a socialite making a grand entrance, reliable transportation is a must-have in New York City. Booking a car to navigate the streets of New York can be a real hassle, particularly when you’re trying to locate a reliable, qualified provider. That’s why RideCharge launched the ultra-convenient Sedan Magic mobile app for New York City travelers today, delivering cars from the city’s best sedan fleets.


Our company mission at RideCharge is to revolutionize ground transportation using mobile technology, and to that end we’ve built a great product in Sedan Magic. Using technology similar to our award-winning ground transportation app, Taxi Magic, we’ve constructed a mobile service that seamlessly integrates with the dispatch systems of the city’s best sedan fleets, ensuring smooth, comfortable booking and riding experiences.


Our initial launch partner is the Executive Transportation Group (ETG), one of the most storied sedan fleets in the tri-state area. ETG has served New York commuters for 90 years and holds contracts with the city’s most prestigious banks, law firms and other companies. They offer over 1,500 vehicles across their branded fleets. Through direct integration with their dispatch solution, we can offer coverage of 400 vehicles across New York City at launch with more vehicles on-boarding in the coming months. ETG chose to work with the Sedan Magic team because of our fleet-friendly model, our customer commitment and our proven expertise in local ground transportation.


Sedan Magic puts both on-demand service and advanced booking at your fingertips. The new mobile app – available for download today on the App Store and Google Play – allows riders to book trips quickly and reliably. Sedan Magic offers a truly modern approach to luxury ground transportation, complete with transparent, up-front price quotes, hassle-free cashless mobile payments, GPS tracking on all sedan rides and informative ride alerts. And the app was designed for riders, so it delivers convenient, easy-to-use solutions in a clean and simple interface. Tap, tap, tap and your own private car is on its way.


If you’re in New York, download Sedan Magic today and ride in style.  If you have any feedback or questions, post it here, email us at or drop us a tweet @sedanmagic. Whatever your travel requirements, we’re dedicated to getting you where you’re going with convenience and comfort.


Your ride awaits, New York.